Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dulux ICI

There was a briefing held at my office by Dulux ICI. I just got to know that each year there will be colour of the year and this year is Citrus Yellow a.k.a Lime Twist. So anyone of you planning to paint your house for this upcoming raya or any festivities, Citrus Yellow it is!

So, should I go for colour of the year or my favourite colour? The problem is I don't have any specific favourites as long as my house doesn't look too colourful or bright. Hmmph... Dunno.. Nanti la dulu kalau nak cat pun. Not now la kot..

What I learn from the briefing is there are appropriate colour combinations that you can use so that your house will not look so "awkward". But the most popular option these days is contrasting colour scheme. For example Blue & Orange, Red-Violet & Yellow-Green, Green & Red. Paham tak? That means, the same room using two contrasting colours on each wall.

Wow, it's like I'm promoting Dulux plak kat sini. But anyone wants more information or consultation on colour schemes can call 1-800-88-9338.

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