Friday, February 19, 2010

Hurry! Hurry!

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Gejala buang bayi

You all notice tak yang lately ni gejala buang bayi ni semakin menjadi-jadi? It is so heartbreaking to see innocent babies, alive or dead bodies are thrown away like unwanted byproducts or some smelly rubbish. When the bodies are found, they are already bitten by ants, bugs or yang meninggal tu dah ada maggots. Kenapa la makhluk-makhluk yang tak berdosa ni dibuat begini?? They are the cutest things in the world, for Godsake! Kalau dah taknak baby ni, taknak jaga ke, taknak orang tau ada anak luar nikah ke, letak la kat masjid-masjid ke, rumah-rumah ibadat yang lain ke, dekat police station ke (kalau pilih yang ni memang confirm kena tangkap) so that people can easily spot these unwanted babies and save them and send them to welfare homes or if they are found by some kind hearted people, these people can adopt them. Apa, susah sangat ke buat tu? Kalau pandai buat, pandai bawak baby tu selama 9 bulan, pandai pulak beranakkan baby tu dalam kesakitan yang paling sakit di dunia ni, sepatutnya kena la pandai jugak fikirkan camane nak tinggalkan baby ni dalam keadaan yang selamat..

As a mother myself, it is very heartwrenching when I see pictures of these babies being dumped in that manner. Some people who can't afford to have babies would feel the same way as I do as these people have gone through tough times to have children to call their own but at the same time there are idiots who don't know to appreciate gifts from God. These people are willing to spend thousands of their money to buy babies from a syndicate which shows that there are people who would go the extra mile to have that bundle of joy in their homes.

Orang-orang bodoh ni tau tak semasa mengandungkan baby ni segala perbuatan yang dilakukan oleh si ibu semuanya mendapat pahala. Even saat-saat nak melahirkan baby pun segala dosa-dosa kecil digugurkan. Tapi kenapa nak menidakkan semua pahala-pahala yang diberi malah digugurkan dosa-dosa dengan membuang baby ni? Bodoh betul la orang-orang ni... Tak ada perasaan langsung! Hati keras macam batu!

But what have the authorities done to prevent the offence? Very unlikely we hear that the offenders are brought to courts ke, sent to jail ke... Tiba-tiba senyap macam tu je... They are still roaming around as a free person and may be laughing their heart out reading the newspapers on this kind of news. Orang-orang macam ni hati batu, they don't have the slightest guilt in their hearts and tak terfikir ke that one day they might get married and have children. God is great. What goes around comes around. Kalau Tuhan nak membalas dosa-dosa orang macam ni, mungkin Tuhan tak perkenankan diorang ada anak ke, kalau ada anak pun, something bad befalls on them ke. Who knows?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

short vacay

Takde la vacation pun...just that me & family had to attend my cousin's wedding in kelantan on February 13. Hubby, my in-laws and my family drove up there whilst me, kiddo & my maid took a return flight. Hehe...ngengada pulaks! bukan apa, I kesiankan my kiddo since it was gonna be a very long journey plus traffic jam ke along the highway. So put aside all the worries, I booked us flight one month ago at RM1,040 for the three of us with AirAsia. Mahal ke murah ye?? This one dah masuk seat booking & GoInsure. No baggage cos our baggage semua dah masuk dalam kereta hubby.

Hubby & the rest of the family pushed off very early in the morning on Saturday 13th itself. While the three of us could wake up late and only left the house at 11am for the airport. Oh Gosh! The airport was so havoc and crowded and McDonalds looked so cramped like sardines. I went there to buy some drinks and porridge for kiddo & it took me like 20 minutes until I could order the food! When we went into departure hall pun sama jugak, everywhere was so full of people. Look at the picture below...

And then, I found this! Wow! The last time I took AirAsia flight was in October 2009 until this one so maybe this aeroplane is still new or I may be ignorant that I didn't know that there exists an aeroplane with imprint of Dato' Pahamin's name on it. He was the ex-chairman of Air Asia.


Can you see sketch of his face on the aeroplane's body??

Oh...Kelantan was so busy with bad traffic jam & we vowed not to go there during public holidays anymore. We stayed in New Pacific Hotel and I think the walls and windows are not soundproof cos I got to hear sounds from outside very clearly like firecrackers, bunyi kereta and even mat rempits racing in the middle of the night. we should've booked renaissance la patutnya...!

On Sunday we planned to go to pasar siti khadijah but didn't manage to go there due to bad traffic. So we diverted to Pengkalan Kubur untuk saja jalan2 cos i've never been there yet. For those who don't know, Pengkalan Kubur ni is located at the border of Kelantan. At the immigration point you can see the other side of the river that separates Kelantan and Thailand. That's Tak Bai, a place where Muslims were murdered some sort like that yang kecoh last year tu... By the way, Pengkalan Kubur ni ada banyak bazaars that sell everything under the sun. To be precise, imitation products! Tapi ada la jugak yang jual telekung sembahyang, tilam2 nipis yang namanya Narita dan macam2 lagi la... Guess what I bought? Bubbles for my kiddo and Milo wafers. Hehe...

After that we made way to Rantau Panjang for lunch cos hubby said sebelah immigration office kat situ ada restaurant yang sedap. Fuhh! The traffic was so so so BAD! Dah la bumper to bumper crawl, langsung tak moving, hokeyh! so tak jadi la makan kat situ... Oh, on the way to Rantau Panjang, we passed by a place called JAMBU. Har har har...! I think the name is so funny, ada ke letak nama JAMBU as a name of a place. For those who don't know, this place was previously named BERUK for quite some time jugak. Maybe the name was so ugly they changed it to JAMBU, which sounds cuter I guess... Do you know that there is a few giant sized buddhas being built there, there's one Buddha duduk bersila and the height is even taller than coconut trees and the famous one is Reclining Buddha. we made a visit to Wat Photivihan where the reclining buddha lies. The buddha is surrounded by a few smaller sized buddha with each one showing different hand signs. Sapa2 yang beragama buddha faham la kot hand signs ni... Inside the reclining buddha ada library, maybe full of bibles and religious books.

The reclining buddha
View from afar

Can you see turtles inside this pond?
Soooo cute....

You can see how big the patung is
Patung2 kat depan tu human size

Let's check out the feet...
Hmmm ada buat pedicure tak??

The size is sooo longggg

Can you see other smaller shaped buddhas around the big buddha?

These buddhas showing 'hand signs'

Let's check out the 'bottom'
The entrance to the library

The row of buddhas

Besides the patung2 Buddha, you can see monks around the area wearing orange cloth covering their bodies. If you are lucky, you can also see some pigs, but not the pink one, running around at their settlement like some local cattle (goats or cows) at local Malay kampungs. haha...

On Monday, we made our way back to home sweet home... haishhh...letihnya...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Of heartburn & gallstones

Hello peeps!

I haven't been updating my blog for quite some time due to laziness and no interesting stories to tell. Just normal daily routines for a normal person like me - go to work, go back home, play with kiddo and sleep. Hmm, such a boring lifestyle! Sometimes, me & hubby will go to malls and shop some items for ourselves and kiddo, watch movies and so on...

Okay, back to our topic this time... Since the middle of last year, I've been developing this syndrome of recurring and frequent heartburn in my chest. Well, not exactly in the chest, it's in the middle or in between your lungs. To be precise, at 'ulu hati'. You know what I mean? It's the burning sensation of acid reflux that lasts for about 15 - 20 minutes which is really really painful. Whenever I went to see doctors, they would tell me that it was a gastric problem. Hmm, gastric? I never skip my meals, well I even eat a lot. Just ask my friends and they will surely tell u that I really really eat a lot. Tak rugi la bawak I pegi buffet. I normally get this heartburn attack after I dah habis makan.. Such as gassy food or food high in fat such as pizza. I memang suka makan cheesy food ni..

Last two weeks, on the way back home from office I had another heartburn attack. So I straightaway dashed to a clinic and got myself some medication. The doctor asked me to get a bloodtest the next day since I told him of my frequent problem. Well, well, the test showed that there's something wrong with my liver function. If normal people have readings of 40 or 50 for their certain functions of the liver, my readings showed 300++ and 400++. A very big variance, eh?? I got referred to a liver specialist in Pantai Hospital, Bangsar, Dr Ganesh, a gastroenterologist.

Specialist clinics, located on 2nd floor, Block B
My kiddo's paediatrician's clinic is also located here

Dr Ganesh's clinic

Dr Ganesh is very soft spoken
He reminds me of Chef Wan!!

Earlier this week, I went to see him for consultation. He asked me for another round of blood test and sent me for an ultrasound. Dia nak blood test done at Pantai Hospital punyer (mebbe tak nak rely on clinic's blood test). So this morning I went to see him again to get the results. He told me I have gallstones in my gallbladder and my duct is dilated. Multiple gallstones! He advised that I go for endoscopy so that he can get more exact diagnostic of the problem. The common treatment of this problem is removal of gallbladder. Gulp! We already fixed the date for the procedure to be carried out on February 22. Wish me luck people!

What are gallstones?

Gallstones are small, pebble-like substances that develop in the gallbladder. The gallbladder is a small, pear-shaped sac located below your liver in the right upper abdomen. Gallstones form when liquid stored in the gallbladder hardens into pieces of stone-like material. The liquid—called bile—helps the body digest fats. Bile is made in the liver, then stored in the gallbladder until the body needs it. The gallbladder contracts and pushes the bile into a tube—called the common bile duct—that carries it to the small intestine, where it helps with digestion.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Pintu rezeki

Surah Al-Insyirah

Familiar tak dengan surah ni? Some people call it Surah Alam Nasyrah cos the surah starts with "Alam Nasyrah...." but the name of the surah is called Al-Insyirah. Surah ni pendek je but kelebihan sesiapa yang mengamalkannya adalah sangat besar. Elok diamalkan bagi sesiapa nak menambahkan rezeki. Tak kisah la rezeki dalam bentuk apa pun, rezeki material ke, rezeki anak ke, rezeki kesihatan ke, rezeki pekerjaan ke, rezeki keharmonian rumahtangga ke, rezeki banyak duit ke... Apa-apa je lah...

Nabi Muhammad S.A.W pernah bersabda, "Barang sesiapa membaca surah Alam Nasyrah, seperti ia mendatangi aku dan aku mengambil kesempatan maka menjadi suatu kelapangan daripadaku."

Antara kelebihan-kelebihan siapa yang mengamalkannya adalah:
  • Sesiapa yang membaca surah ini selepas mengerjakan solat fardhu, nescaya Allah permudahkan urusannya serta dimudahkan segala keperluannya dan dimudahkan rezekinya
  • Sesiapa yang membacanya nescaya Allah turut melapangkan dadanya serta dijauhkan daripada segala kesukaran dalam segala urusannya. Dihilangkan segala sifat kesal dan jemu, serta mendatangkan rajin dalam mengerjakan ibadat
  • Sesiapa yang membaca surah ini sembilan kali sesudah solat fardhu nescaya Allah akan menjauhkan daripada kesempitan hidup dan dimudahkan rezeki dalam segala urusan

Allah lebih mengetahui apa yang kita lakukan dan rezeki pun datang daripadaNya. Well friends, let's make a habit in reciting this surah in our daily chores especially after solat fardhu. We never know what is in store for us. Setiap daripada kita mempunyai rezeki masing-masing, cepat atau lambat je...

One more thing, solat dhuha jugak adalah satu solat untuk murahkan rezeki kita. Dilakukan pada waktu dhuha iaitu bermula kira-kira 20 minit selepas terbit matahari. Waktu solat ini pula berakhir sebelum menjelang waktu Zuhur. Jadi, secara mudahnya dapat difahami bahawa batas waktu solat sunat Dhuha ini antara pukul 7 pagi hingga 1 petang.

Doa Solat Dhuha:

"Ya Allah, bahwasanya waktu
Dhuha itu adalah waktu Dhuha-Mu, kecantikan ialah kecantikan-Mu,
keindahan itu keindahan-Mu, kekuatan adalah kekuatanMu, dan
perlindungan itu, perlindungan-Mu". "Ya Allah, jika rezekiku masih di
atas langit, turunkanlah dan jika ada di dalam bumi , keluarkanlah,
jika sukar mudahkanlah, jika haram sucikanlah, jika masih jauh
dekatkanlah, berkat waktu Dhuha, keagungan, keindahan, kekuatan dan
kekuasaan-Mu, limpahkanlah kepada kami segala yang telah Engkau
limpahkan kepada hamba-hamba-Mu yang shaleh".

Kita bolehlah baca doa yang mana2 berkaitan tetapi lebih afdal baca doa solat dhuha yang khusus; doa itu sememangnya cukup baik dan sempurna untuk memohon keberkatan rezeki dari Ilahi.

Oleh itu, marilah kita mengamalkannya... Semoga amalan kita ini adalah yang terbaik dan diberkati Allah.

Pinball, the stress reliever...

Ngeh, ngeh ngeh.... U all notice tak I dah letak pinball game kat sebelah tu? Tu, tu...yang sebelah kanan tu... kat belah atas after Nuffnang ads. So, free-free kan lah diri main menda tu ye... Mebbe lambat sikit benda tu nak download, but after a while dah boleh main dah. Hehe....

Lately ni I sangat jarang nak update blog... But you guys can still visit this blog and play the pinball game!! Jangan lupa tau...!


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Anwar Ibrahim or Saiful? which side are u on?

ececeee....macam gempak je kan entry ni? Well, I don't like politics and I don't follow any political issues in Malaysia & I'm neutral and don't sit at any sides of the fence... as long as we live peacefully and in harmony, that's good enough for me. Kalau sokong party A, party B macam betul la pulak... Kalau sokong party B, tiba-tiba party A pulak yang betul... So how? So baik I just mind my own business. That is fair... But comes election, I vote for *toot* ....mana bleh bagitau...Undi adalah RAHSIA... apa-apa hal pun, let's leave it to the Court to decide and GOD knows better what really transpired... So to Anwar & Saiful's fans out there, kita tunggu je la verdict dia nanti which may take months or years.... I reserve my comments!

Ok, back to reality...

Last week, ke last two weeks? Oh this outing of us ladies took place last month... dah lapuk dah citer ni, dah basi dah pungggg... tapi disebabkan kemalasan melanda nak bercerita membuatkan entry pasal makan2 ni terbengkalai... Okla, one day tu me & my female colleagues decided to go out for makan2 at (again) WONG SOLO cos the rest of the ladies terliur nak makan kat situ after I posted an entry on makan at the place. So I took them there at Wong Solo Ampang to fill our tummies with makanan yang sedap ittew....

On the way to the parking lot, I saw this SIGN!
missynols is everywhere!!
Even in parking lots, hehe....

This is where we had lunch

View from the main entrance

We took the largest seating place to accommodate 5 of us
Ye la, semua nak duduk terkangkang kena la tempat yang besar....

Their service was really fast!
Complementary drinks - chilled drinking water

These were our drinks:
Alpokat, kelapa pandan & es oren
Es oren tu nama Indon dia lain, tak ingat la....

All of us ordered this: AYAM PENYET!

The after math....
Tinggal tulang jer...


And more....

Lepas habis makan jer, semua bersandar tak bleh bangun... Dah la dok bersila, lagi susah nak angkat bon*** masing2... Tapi akhirnya semua redha yang kena jugak balik office, nasib sampai office awal so semuanya terbongkang tido.... Kenyang perut suka ati!!!