Wednesday, February 17, 2010

short vacay

Takde la vacation pun...just that me & family had to attend my cousin's wedding in kelantan on February 13. Hubby, my in-laws and my family drove up there whilst me, kiddo & my maid took a return flight. Hehe...ngengada pulaks! bukan apa, I kesiankan my kiddo since it was gonna be a very long journey plus traffic jam ke along the highway. So put aside all the worries, I booked us flight one month ago at RM1,040 for the three of us with AirAsia. Mahal ke murah ye?? This one dah masuk seat booking & GoInsure. No baggage cos our baggage semua dah masuk dalam kereta hubby.

Hubby & the rest of the family pushed off very early in the morning on Saturday 13th itself. While the three of us could wake up late and only left the house at 11am for the airport. Oh Gosh! The airport was so havoc and crowded and McDonalds looked so cramped like sardines. I went there to buy some drinks and porridge for kiddo & it took me like 20 minutes until I could order the food! When we went into departure hall pun sama jugak, everywhere was so full of people. Look at the picture below...

And then, I found this! Wow! The last time I took AirAsia flight was in October 2009 until this one so maybe this aeroplane is still new or I may be ignorant that I didn't know that there exists an aeroplane with imprint of Dato' Pahamin's name on it. He was the ex-chairman of Air Asia.


Can you see sketch of his face on the aeroplane's body??

Oh...Kelantan was so busy with bad traffic jam & we vowed not to go there during public holidays anymore. We stayed in New Pacific Hotel and I think the walls and windows are not soundproof cos I got to hear sounds from outside very clearly like firecrackers, bunyi kereta and even mat rempits racing in the middle of the night. we should've booked renaissance la patutnya...!

On Sunday we planned to go to pasar siti khadijah but didn't manage to go there due to bad traffic. So we diverted to Pengkalan Kubur untuk saja jalan2 cos i've never been there yet. For those who don't know, Pengkalan Kubur ni is located at the border of Kelantan. At the immigration point you can see the other side of the river that separates Kelantan and Thailand. That's Tak Bai, a place where Muslims were murdered some sort like that yang kecoh last year tu... By the way, Pengkalan Kubur ni ada banyak bazaars that sell everything under the sun. To be precise, imitation products! Tapi ada la jugak yang jual telekung sembahyang, tilam2 nipis yang namanya Narita dan macam2 lagi la... Guess what I bought? Bubbles for my kiddo and Milo wafers. Hehe...

After that we made way to Rantau Panjang for lunch cos hubby said sebelah immigration office kat situ ada restaurant yang sedap. Fuhh! The traffic was so so so BAD! Dah la bumper to bumper crawl, langsung tak moving, hokeyh! so tak jadi la makan kat situ... Oh, on the way to Rantau Panjang, we passed by a place called JAMBU. Har har har...! I think the name is so funny, ada ke letak nama JAMBU as a name of a place. For those who don't know, this place was previously named BERUK for quite some time jugak. Maybe the name was so ugly they changed it to JAMBU, which sounds cuter I guess... Do you know that there is a few giant sized buddhas being built there, there's one Buddha duduk bersila and the height is even taller than coconut trees and the famous one is Reclining Buddha. we made a visit to Wat Photivihan where the reclining buddha lies. The buddha is surrounded by a few smaller sized buddha with each one showing different hand signs. Sapa2 yang beragama buddha faham la kot hand signs ni... Inside the reclining buddha ada library, maybe full of bibles and religious books.

The reclining buddha
View from afar

Can you see turtles inside this pond?
Soooo cute....

You can see how big the patung is
Patung2 kat depan tu human size

Let's check out the feet...
Hmmm ada buat pedicure tak??

The size is sooo longggg

Can you see other smaller shaped buddhas around the big buddha?

These buddhas showing 'hand signs'

Let's check out the 'bottom'
The entrance to the library

The row of buddhas

Besides the patung2 Buddha, you can see monks around the area wearing orange cloth covering their bodies. If you are lucky, you can also see some pigs, but not the pink one, running around at their settlement like some local cattle (goats or cows) at local Malay kampungs. haha...

On Monday, we made our way back to home sweet home... haishhh...letihnya...


zam said...

yewwwww.....u pergi pengkalan kubur ......where on earth tempat tuuuu......tak sangka missy nols pi tempat macam tu


Oit ZAM, itu kebetulan la...dah la panas kat situ... itu pun i beli cekelat je & bubbles... ek elleh, bukan korang gi sana suka beli narita ke?

AY said...

i rasa kalau flight RM1000 tue mahal sangat la...sebab kak yu pegi tawau pun RM300 jer to n fro...

u beli bubbbles yg kaler-kaler2 tue ker? yg dia masukkan dalam botol bentuk patung?