Friday, February 12, 2010

Of heartburn & gallstones

Hello peeps!

I haven't been updating my blog for quite some time due to laziness and no interesting stories to tell. Just normal daily routines for a normal person like me - go to work, go back home, play with kiddo and sleep. Hmm, such a boring lifestyle! Sometimes, me & hubby will go to malls and shop some items for ourselves and kiddo, watch movies and so on...

Okay, back to our topic this time... Since the middle of last year, I've been developing this syndrome of recurring and frequent heartburn in my chest. Well, not exactly in the chest, it's in the middle or in between your lungs. To be precise, at 'ulu hati'. You know what I mean? It's the burning sensation of acid reflux that lasts for about 15 - 20 minutes which is really really painful. Whenever I went to see doctors, they would tell me that it was a gastric problem. Hmm, gastric? I never skip my meals, well I even eat a lot. Just ask my friends and they will surely tell u that I really really eat a lot. Tak rugi la bawak I pegi buffet. I normally get this heartburn attack after I dah habis makan.. Such as gassy food or food high in fat such as pizza. I memang suka makan cheesy food ni..

Last two weeks, on the way back home from office I had another heartburn attack. So I straightaway dashed to a clinic and got myself some medication. The doctor asked me to get a bloodtest the next day since I told him of my frequent problem. Well, well, the test showed that there's something wrong with my liver function. If normal people have readings of 40 or 50 for their certain functions of the liver, my readings showed 300++ and 400++. A very big variance, eh?? I got referred to a liver specialist in Pantai Hospital, Bangsar, Dr Ganesh, a gastroenterologist.

Specialist clinics, located on 2nd floor, Block B
My kiddo's paediatrician's clinic is also located here

Dr Ganesh's clinic

Dr Ganesh is very soft spoken
He reminds me of Chef Wan!!

Earlier this week, I went to see him for consultation. He asked me for another round of blood test and sent me for an ultrasound. Dia nak blood test done at Pantai Hospital punyer (mebbe tak nak rely on clinic's blood test). So this morning I went to see him again to get the results. He told me I have gallstones in my gallbladder and my duct is dilated. Multiple gallstones! He advised that I go for endoscopy so that he can get more exact diagnostic of the problem. The common treatment of this problem is removal of gallbladder. Gulp! We already fixed the date for the procedure to be carried out on February 22. Wish me luck people!

What are gallstones?

Gallstones are small, pebble-like substances that develop in the gallbladder. The gallbladder is a small, pear-shaped sac located below your liver in the right upper abdomen. Gallstones form when liquid stored in the gallbladder hardens into pieces of stone-like material. The liquid—called bile—helps the body digest fats. Bile is made in the liver, then stored in the gallbladder until the body needs it. The gallbladder contracts and pushes the bile into a tube—called the common bile duct—that carries it to the small intestine, where it helps with digestion.


Fendy Amin said...
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Fendy Amin said...

What's seems to be the cause of this?

e.g. eating habits? Type of food? etc?


Cause is unknown but most probably from wrong kind of diet such as food high in fat eg. pizza, cheese...