Thursday, December 23, 2010

DSLR?? Nottttt!

So cool, eh? The picture was taken using a compact camera. Sony Cybershot DSC-W350 to be precise. And the best thing of all, I got it for FREE! Yes, it's FREE!! I entered this online survey conducted by Heitech Padu Berhad, just for fun after my colleague coaxed me to do it. I've never interested in entering any contests that require slogans or sketching / drawing whatsoever or comments. So after submitted the survey... a few months after that, i received an email notifying me of my winning. 3rd place tuuu... A camera! Actually, before winning this camera I was contemplating on getting a Leica compact. Tapi dah menang Sony compact pun, Syukur Alhamdulillah... At least God really answered me.. Dah la tu, the picture quality is as good as a DSLR....

weeee.... best! best!

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