Friday, July 8, 2011

BERSIH? Mari kita bersihkan "pocket"!


Salam Hari Jumaat.

Anybody going to KL city centre tomorrow? Ohhh
.. Don't burden yourself by getting caught by either the Authorities or the big crowd or the massive traffic jam cos I heard there'll be 30 road closures. This is all because of this:

But I'm not gonna talk about that.

Why not we "bersihkan" our pocket? What I'm trying to say here is, why don't we embark on a new mission, find extra pocket money for our savings and set a new target for our future?

We are all aware that to be successful and prosperous in life with financial freedom, we need to be in a business industry. "9/10 punca rezeki datangnya dari perniagaan"... We have to set a goal in our life, both short and long terms. Some of reasons that people need to find more money are:
  • To help their families eg parents, siblings
  • To help other people
  • For savings or to increase their savings
  • For better and more quality life
  • Financial freedom

We need to get out from our comfort zone in order for us to be successful! Don't you want a month's income that is worth your one year's income?

So, hurry! Contact me now!

"Lebih baik melalui pahit getir dalam masa singkat daripada melalui kesengsaraan sepanjang hayat"

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