Sunday, July 17, 2011

Selamat Hari Nisfu Syaaban!


I've been awake since 4.30am this morning. After sahur, solat, lepak2 for a while and now here I am, typing & updating this blog. Jap lagi la tido balik.

Oh ya, today is 15th Syaaban. Nisfu Syaaban & it's good to fast on this date. I don't really remember the fadhilat of fasting on Nisfu Syaaban although an email listing out all the fadhilats is always been circulated every year.

But what I know is, it is very good and ianya hari di mana manusia diturunkan dengan buku yang baru. Buku yang lama diangkat after Asar on 14th Syaaban, whilst buku baru diturunkan after Maghrib on the same day. There are special doas to be recited as well.

Okla, selamat berpuasa to those opting to fast today. Dan selamat Hari Nisfu Syaaban! Semoga Allah memberkati setiap amalan kita hari ini & menghapuskan dosa2 kita. Amin!

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