Thursday, March 4, 2010

Assam Pedas Melaka


Yesterday me & my dear friends had lunch at this place called Asam Pedas Melaka Sejati. It was an impromptu and last minute decision as everyone was famished and didn't get to think properly. My friend Mr BH has been to this restaurant before and I've read in a blog about this place and the good review on its assam pedas. Since I've never tried the food before I quickly suggested it to my hungry friends and they all agreed to the idea. Hehe...

The restaurant (restaurant ke?? It's more like kedai makan kecik jeee...) is located somewhere along the main road in Desa Pandan. The kedai looks ugly (sorry! tsk tsk) from the outside and even the interior pun buruk jugak butttt the taste of its assam pedas is Marvellous! You just choose any raw fish displayed at the entrance (fish: kembong, jenahak, pari, apa lagi yeee???) and they will cook the fish for you in a claypot. So you can just imagine that the assam pedas is still boiling hot when it is served to you... Hehe... Besides fish assam pedas, they also have assam pedas daging, burung goreng, ayam goreng, telur dadar & ulam-ulaman..

See? We just got this assam pedas & it was still boiling!!
We order 3 big-sized ikan jenahak & 1 pari
All cooked together in one pot! Baru mantoppp!!

Lauk sampingan: Telur masin, ulam & sambal belacan

Oh, Mr BH ordered 2 burung goreng & I forgot to snap the photo cos we were so busy chatting... From our experience yesterday the time that they took to prepare was not long even though there were quite many people having lunch at the same time. So overall, it was great and I'd suggest that we can do a second visit for the assam pedas. Maybe we'll try the assam pedas daging pulak. OK friends??

P/S: I'm counting days now... Ngeh! Ngeh!

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