Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Oh My! Oh My!

Do you recognise what this thing is?? Well, look at the picture carefully...

Hmmm... it's my floss! Look at that!

Look what my kiddo has done to my floss! Patut la senyap je dia dok dalam bilik I. And then saja je dia dok tarik-tarik floss tu depan muka I... She's always like that. She knows things that she should not do but she will still do it and purposely does it in front of my face cos she knows that I will be angry if she does that. Alaaa... budak-budak kan suka seek attention ngan makbapak dia... Kalau I ignore je dia, mula la nak buat benda-benda pelik so that I akan give attention to her. Takpela, baru sorang anak. Cuba 4-5 orang, mau I buat dekkkk jeee... 4-5 orang pun still buah hati jugak kan? Kena jugak sayang....

By the way, my floss is still like that until now. Camana nak kasi floss tu masuk balik dalam bekas dia, aahhh?? Habis la all the mint flavour kat floss tu. Tsk! Tsk!

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