Friday, March 26, 2010

PART 1: The Journey

Our journey to Holy Land was on Monday March 8. Flight dalam pukul 9pm camtu so siang tu sempat la me & hubby beli apa2 yang patut, last minute shopping la cam beli tissues (in case ada nak nangis byk2 ke, kena flu ke), went to clinic to get supplies of medicines for flu, cough, ciritbirit, fever etc, went to kedai jamu Indon to get supply of ubat sakit urat for my maid, went to workshop to get hubby's car serviced & apa lagi ye?? macam-macam la we all buat hari tu. I was fasting that day but I didn't feel tired at all despite doing so much work, running around to do errands, melayan my kiddo. We only packed our things the night before je & we brought 3 luggages. 2 really huge bags & one 5-nighter bag as a hand luggage cos we would be putting a night in jordan before resuming our journey to jeddah.

Masa kat klia tu I tried refraining my emotion of sadness cos i knew that later I would be parting with my little one. Masa we all (us & families) were having some drinks at a nearby cafe, my kiddo sebok lari2 sana sini kegirangan tengok so many people at the airport. Siap main hide & seek kat belakang2 tiang semua. She looked so pretty wearing new blouse & pants that hubby bought for her. My maid yang pakaikan dia baju tu, I didn't know cos we left the house earlier than them. I tengok je my kiddo from the table, I didn't dare to go nak layan2 dia takut perasaan sedih tu datang. But after a while i pikir2 balik takkan I tak layan dia langsung pulak nanti terkilan la tak main2 ngan dia. At that time dah almost 7.30pm. The group leader had warned us earlier that we had to be at the satellite building by 8pm. Dah la nak gi solat semua dulu. I pun pegila main2 ngan my kiddo, pretending to snap her pictures although tak dapat nak snap pun cos she kept fidgetting and turning her face away from the camera. Takpe la, luckily I still had some of her pictures / videos inside the memory card & my handphone.

Masa yang ditunggu2 pun tiba. We decided not to solat kat situ cos selalunya surau kat situ crowded. we all nak solat kat dalam departure hall before boarding the aero train. Kat situ selalunya lengang je, takde orang. Masa salam2 tu I masih control macho lagi. 1st salam my mom, ok je... salam my dad pulak, ok je... salam my MIL, dah tak ok dah... I burst into tears cos masa tu my mind was focussing on my little one je... I salam je with the rest without looking at their faces & masa I pegi cium2 & cuddle my kiddo my tears kept streaming down my face. She put on a puzzle look. Of course she couldnt digest the situation although me & hubby always told her that we would be going away to Makkah and asked her not to cry. She knew that we would be leaving her behind but maybe she didn't have the idea that the duration is long. Masa I nangis2 tu I saw my mom pun nangis2 jugak. Mesti sedih tengok I berpisah ngah anak I. Sob! Sob! Masa nak turun escalator to Immigration tu, my maid who was carrying my kiddo siap nak ikut sekali turun. Hehe... While waving bye bye to them, my kiddo was still putting on a puzzle look... Hmmm So cute!

Then, when we went for prayer I was still sobbing non-stop, naik aero train pun dok nangis lagi. Rasa malu la pulak kat other people especially those in my tour group. Oh, by the way there were only 17 people in my tour group including the group leader. Sikit je tapi best jugak cos at least we recognize each other and nak bonding tu senang sket... hehe...

We took Thai Airways to Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok. That was my 1st time at Bangkok's new airport. The last time I was there in 2004 the new airport was still under construction. Oh, the airport is so hugeeee! Macam KLIA disambungkan dengan satellite building je... I didn't take any pictures cos macam segan la pulak dengan the rest of the group. Just imagine we had to walk 2km from the arrival gate to Transfers counter!! Just so you know, we only transitted in Bangkok and changed to Royal Jordanian to go to Amman. The umrah package that we took included visit to Jordan. Oh ya, masa kat KLIA earlier I bukak puasa ngan air je cos takde selera langsung nak makan pasal sedih... Bila dah naik flight baru la terasa lapar giler cam tak sabar2 pulak tunggu food sampai. Dalam Thai Airways tu I makan licin terus pasal lapar punya pasal... Hehe...

Okla, our arrival in Amman is to be continued soon. It was a 9-hour flight from Bangkok to Amman & most of the time I just slept. Orait, bubye!

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