Wednesday, March 3, 2010


My kiddo has been asking a skipping rope and a water color set since last week. Knowing me & hubby, we always bow to her demands cos she's the only child we have at the moment and pleasing her 24/7 is always not a problem to us.

Since hubby wanted to find something at Ikea yesterday, we went to The Curve to look for kiddo's skipping rope & the coloring set. There's this one shop which sells Crayola products from water colour, magic color, crayons & lots more which made me sooo tempted to get them all. But we opted for water color which is gel based so the color won't get dry when you leave it uncovered. Another set that we bought are brushes which you can only scribble on a special paper.

The first row of water colors yang jadi mangsa
Da Vinci!

Another 2 rows yang belum bukak lagi

You can only use the brushes on this paper to see the color traces,
on other surface tak boleh, color tu tak melekat

The painter at work!

Tapi susah betul nak cari skipping rope cos most kiddy shops that we went at The Curve ni do not sell skipping ropes. Nevermind, today we are on a hunt again for that thing. Nak cari kat Toys R Us kat MidValley la pulak. Semestinya ada la kan...

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