Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Looooonggggg time no see....

Hello peeps!

Oh, I haven't been blogging for quite some time cos kemalasan melanda and I was sooo lazy to write anything. I just wanted to facebook, blog hop and sleeeepppp... Heehe... I have so many stories to tell but everytime I touch the keyboard all my ideas will disappear... Hehe... macam justification yang students would give their teachers on why you don't complete your homework.

Have I told you that I already underwent an endoscopy procedure last week? Oh, I haven't?? Well, the procedure went very well and the doctor didn't find anything wrong or peculiar in my stomach. So he can rule out the tummy that caused the reflux. So the only culprit left is the gallstones. The doctor referred me to another surgeon who is a specialist in gallstones. Anddd, the only option I have is to get my gall bladder removed. Otherwise the stones would go into the duct and block the pathway and eventually affect my liver. And that is worse. Some sort like that la the explanation given by the doctor.After further deliberation with my family, I agreed with the option but I have not decided yet on the date. Nanti la dulu... Whoooo I'm so scared! After living with my gallbladder for xx years and now I have to part with it?? Oh, that's so sadddd.....! So long my gallbladder!

Ok, enough crap about my gallstones.

My kiddo now sangat tergila-gilakan Ben10. It's a cartoon character from Ben10 Alien Force shown on Cartoon Network. She's so into Ben10 that she always plays Ben10 games on PSP, she wants Ben10 DVDs, she wants Ben10 products, bla bla blahhh... But my kiddo is a girl!!

Ben10 ni is just a normal boy but when he hits his watch he will turn into an Alien. Ada banyak jenis aliens yang dia boleh bertukar tau... And my kiddo begged me to buy her the watch. Me & hubby, being ignorant parents (as in ignorant tak pernah tengok criter Ben10) bought her a normal watch. Alaa... watch yang biasa2 tapi ada lukisan cartoon Ben10 tu la... being good parents, we bought her an extra watch tapi with lukisan Tom&Jerry pulak... So she received 2 watches la instead of 1. Bila dia dapat jam2 tu she didn't like it cos she said it was not the watch that she wanted. "Not this one! Wrong! Wrong!" sambil baling2 je jam Ben10 tu. Jam Tom&Jerry pun dia baling2 jugak sampai pecah muka jam tu... When Ben10 program appeared on TV she showed me the watch. Oh patut la, jam tu punya la gedabak besar...

And me being a good mom, I bought her the new Ben10 watch the next day and my kiddo now can pretend to be Ben10... Oh, u can insert a disk inside the watch and boleh pantulkan the alien images kat atas dinding or paper. Macam buat projection camtu...

Ok, peeps... Need to get back to my work. Until we meet again with more stories!


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