Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Business Opportunity

U know what that picture is? It's a magazine called Personal Money with front cover of millionaires. 3 of them are Malays. 2 of the Malays are husband and wife. The husband and wife are groomed and bred by this company called Hai-O Marketing. Do u know that this company has been awarded by FORBES ASIA as "BEST UNDER BILLION" for 3 years in a row? The Company also is listed on Bursa Malaysia and its main products, Bio Aura water filter & Premium Beautiful have been awarded Superbrands.

Allah telah berfirman di dalam Al-Quran: “….Sesungguhnya Allah tidak akan mengubah nasib sesuatu kaum itu sehingga mereka sendiri mengubah nasib mereka….” (Ar-Ra’du:11) Source from Hanis

So, do u want to just sit down, wait for ur monthly salary and work ur *** for other people? Do u just rely on ur annual increment for that increase in your wealth? Or u really really hope for ur annual bonus to enable u to splurge on purchases that u really can't afford to have?

Fret not, people! Why don't u join me in this business in & book me for appointment for detailed plan & information. I'm not asking u to resign from ur day job, i'm doing this to help other people to have better life & achieve their dreams. Most people who have reached their peak of lives come from business background. Even Allah have said that 9/10 pintu rezeki adalah datang dari perniagaan. So what are you waiting for?

This business promises a lot of benefits such as car incentive, free vacation (3 times a year & even umrah), 5-digit income & so much more! The starting income pun starts at RM3000++. Camane tu? If u dah ada kerja tetap like me, this income is like an additional money on top or your salary! So this one is like a bonus to me so i just keep the money as savings.

So what are you waiting for?





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