Thursday, January 21, 2010

The one with wedding anniversary

Today I have no interesting stories to tell (macam la all this while semua interesting!). Takde idea la nak tulis apa. Apa ya nak cerita? Oh! Two of my friends celebrate their wedding anniversaries this month. Congratulations to both of you! You know who you are! Wedding Anniversary should be celebrated cos that's the day you mark the milestones of your togetherness, hardship, happiness, ups & downs and whatever la that you've been & done with your spouse. It's not that everyday you celebrate it, it comes only once a year. Memang la orang cakap you should love your spouse everyday & everyday is a special day. But for me, mana ada everyday is a special day. Mesti ada salah satu hari you gadoh ke, masam muka ke, bad mood ke or anything la. Wedding anniversary is different, same goes to birthday. Macam me & hubby, we always celebrate these two occassions in a special way. We will make sure that we go out for dinner & give presents to each other. Kalau that year takde presents pun, we'd ensure that we have dinner, just the two of us. we never bring along our kiddo unless it's her birthday. Our anniversary falls on December 22. Last month we celebrated that day & had dinner at Avanti, Sunway Resort Hotel. It's a mexican restaurant and ada live jazz performance at night. You want to know what we had that night? Let me show some pics...

This is sparkling natural water (air kosong yang ada gas)
Ugh! I can't take normal water which contains gas. Plain water & gas don't jive!
This water was imported from Spain ke mana ntah & it costs a bomb for just plain water

Ni biasa la entree
Bread, rolls & seangkatan dengannya
We all selalu belasah benda ni sampai habis cos bread diorang ni mesti sedap2

That's my drink
I don't quite remember what it is but it tasted like banana

Our seafood salad
But for salad I normally prefer caesar salad

My seabass
Masa ni i dah kenyang giler pasal dah belasah bread tadi sampai habis
The seabass was served with mushrooms yang banyak2 tu

Our quattro pizza
The name is quattro cos the topping consists of four types of cheese...yummeh!
Cheddar, mozarella, parmesan & goat's cheese

Hubby's sauteed mushroom
This one is soooo sedappp...

After the dinner we went straight to subang parade cos hubby wanted to go to Toys r' us. Biasa la, kalau we all kluar withour bringing the kiddo along, hubby mesti nak beli something kat dia cos kesian kena tinggal kat rumah. Kat sunway pyramid takde toys' r us, that's why we went to subang parade. I don't remember what we bought for kiddo cos dah selalu sangat beli macam2 kat dia... beli apa ye? Ntah la...

okla, that's all for now...


AY said...

missy,the sauteed mushroom looks really yummeh la...terlioq.ooops by the way, my maid calls mushroom - KULAT.Kalau dengar dia kata,"Hari nie mau masak kulat?" eeeeyyyy...kembang tekak mendengarnya...

well, tata for now!!!

Mis Lady U said...

yang ada cheese tu i loike,,,

Anonymous said...

Missy ,, yeah rihgt anniversary and birthday,, we shud celebrate it,,, but for me,,emmmmmmm,,, i dun wanna talk abt it,,, bye for now wasallam