Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My kiddo

helluuuu people....

how are u feeling today? i've got so much in hand sampai tak tau nak start yg mana... blog to be updated, checking out my fb, nak design my kiddo's cake for her upcoming birthday, nak post corset to my customer, nak gi stockist to exchange some items...

last night while me & hubs were praying, our 3 y.o. kiddo was busy playing in our room, climbing up & down the bed, tarik2 telephone, guling2 atas katil...selalunya after habis sembahyang she always tries to engage in a conversation with me, yelah budak2 kan suka nak get our attention nih... tapi lupa la plak apa dia ckp last night tapi it was so cute i layan je... the other night she poured her crackers (double decker chicken crackers) on our bed & carpet & kutip ngan mulut utk makan. i scolded her & u know what she replied?

kiddo: alesha is a dog, dog is people
me: no, alesha is a human, dog is an animal
kiddo: mmm, alesha eating bone (sambil kutip crackers ngan mulut dia)
me: that's not nice. animals are not good...

Hmmm, macam2 nak layan perangai my kiddo nih... Ada banyak lagi yg dia buat yg tak terlayan but i'll write about it next time yeh!

have to go out now to the stockist. i'll explain that later-later, kay.


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